In addition to writing for Sotheby’s, the Guggenheim Museum, and numerous individual artists, I have written on art, architecture, and garden design for many national publications. I published Clouds of Old Naples, which features my text and photographs, in 2016. Additionally, I am the author of two artist monographs, one on sculptor Elyn Zimmerman and another, Richard Segalman: Black & White: Muses, Magic & Monotypes, published by The Artist Book Foundation in North Adams, Massachusetts. I earned my M.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing from Stanford University and am at work on a novel.

Clouds of Old Naples

Softcover | 114 Pages | 100 Color Photographs
Photographs & Text by Susan Forrest Castle
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​It would be easy to find quotations to sit alongside every photograph I include here, but I have no desire to do that. The clouds themselves are poetry enough: loud exhalations, scribbles on the margin, quiet epithets, emotional sonnets, thoughtful or thoughtless comments, possible lyrics, remembered songs. I do not look for things in the clouds–faces, flowers, factories, fruit–I simply look at the clouds. And I take their picture.
Susan Forrest Castle

Richard Segalman: Black & White – Muses, Magic & Monotypes

By Susan Forrest Castle
Foreword by Philip Eliasoph, PhD. Introduction by Anthony Kirk.
Hardcover | 176 pages | 97 color plates
The Artist Book Foundation, publisher
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For many, the name Richard Segalman conjures up a vision of light-infused paintings of women gathered on a beach, gazing out the window of a New York City brownstone, or dressed in costumes from another era. But just as Edgar Degas, approaching his 60th year, surprised gallery goers with an exhibition not of ballerinas or racehorses, but of highly atmospheric monotype landscapes, so too does Segalman surprise us with this exceptional collection of monotypes he began to produce in 1993, at nearly 60.
Susan Forrest Castle

Elyn Zimmerman: Sculpture

Susan Forrest Castle: Author/Editor
Foreword by Tom Moran
Essays by Charles F. Stuckey, Marc Treib, and John Beardsley
The Artist Book Foundation, publisher
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